Because an Athlete's Future Beyond NIL Matters

Whether it is practice or a game, successful athletes have a strategy to make sure they achieve their goals. Preparing for NIL success by developing an athlete brand is no different it requires a game plan to get the best results.

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Learn How to Benefit from Your Name, Image & Likeness

This book provides a four-step process to help student-athletes (SAs) manage their brands like a pro. Short, easy-to-read chapters with real SA examples guide athletes through a series of exercises that enable you to set goals and then design, activate, and monetize your brand. Athlete Brands is the perfect resource for SAs to learn to make NIL decisions that serve their goals.

Build Your Brand as a
Student Athlete

And do it right, so it benefits you
well into the future

Learn How to Fully Embrace
Brand Development

And be in sync with your coaches and parents, so that you remain true to yourself

Create and Position Your Athlete Brand for Long-term Success

With your brand designed and activated, it’s time to think about monetization

Praise for Athlete Brands

Athletic directors, coaches, athletes, and parents have seen first hand how Athlete Brands can be transformative.

Adam Smith

Assistant Coach
- Reebok Boston Track Club

"In the new NIL landscape, this book is an essential piece of the puzzle to help student-athletes balance their commitments to their education and the team while using their platform to pursue their dreams."

Tina Graudina

NCAA Beach Volleyball
Two-time AVCA All-American

"I would recommend this book because it clearly offers advice how to build my own brand while I'm still a student-athlete, which is a very specific situation that needs specific guidance."

Ted White

Founder/Chief Executive Officer
- Fair Ball Foundation

"The strength of this book is that it offers an easy-to-follow process that encourages SAs to think about their values and goals first, then the athlete brands they want to create to advance those goals, then ways to monetize their desired brands."

Brian Gursky

- USC (2018-2021) & UVA (2021-2022) Baseball

"This book helps student athletes build their brand by first taking a deep dive into who they are and where they want to go and then using this insight to create a unique brand story to market themselves."

Blake Lawrence

Chief Executive Officer
- Opendorse

"By giving readers a process to identify, design, and activate their brands, this book coaches them to engage more effectively with Opendorse, agents, and others so that athletes can maximize NIL value well beyond their playing career."

Peggy Martin

Head Women's Coach, Director of Volleyball
- Spring Hill College

"What I appreciate about this book is that it empowers athletes to understand how to build their 'athlete brands' in a way that helps them achieve their goals. It teaches them to think about brand activation – and how their choices can help them reach their goals."

Gather Incredible Ideas for Your Own Athlete Brand

Athlete Brands is the perfect resource for student-athletes to learn to make NIL decisions that serve their biggest goals.

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