Techniques and Strategies to Grow Brand Value

Go beyond marketing theory to bridge and discover the specific techniques and strategies that can be used to create brands that attain positional advantage in the marketplace.

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Positioning for Advantage is a comprehensive how-to guide for creating, building, and executing effective brand strategies

Introducing seven tools - from strategic positioning concepts to strategy mapping to influencer maps - Whitler provides templates, frameworks, and step-by-step processes to build and manage growth brands that achieve positional advantage.

Define a Superior Position
– The Positioning Concept

Create, test, and perfect the ideas upon which new brands and/or products
are created and launched

Construct a Strong
Brand Essence Statement

A BES is a communication vehicle that captures the intrinsic nature and indispensable quality that make a brand meaningful to a target

Develop an Effective
Strategic Marketing Plan

Discover why a “strategic plan” is actually a set of limited choices that direct and focus activity to achieve an overall goal

Praise for Positioning for Advantage

Brimming with insights for students and professionals alike, see what our readers had to say.

FD Wilder

Senior Advisor
- McKinsey & Company

"This is an essential read for any brand leader to increase their skills and move from insight to action. It’s a great blend of academic research and practical know-how that I wish I had in my library years ago."

Bernie Jaworski

Chair in Management
- Drucker School of Management

"Each chapter introduces a concept and then presents tools and examples to help the reader understand how to apply the tools. Positioning for Advantage is a great way to bridge from academic concepts to practical tools and applications."

Greg Welch

Partner & Practice Leader
- Spencer Stuart

"Kim Whitler provides a wonderful roadmap for both academics and CMO’s alike as we navigate this new world. This is a must read for anyone who hopes to build tomorrow’s enduring brand."

Tamara McCleary

Chief Executive Officer
- Thulium

"Kim’s book is novel because she bridges the lofty conceptual ideas with specific skill-building tools that can help people become more proficient at 'doing' marketing that helps increase brand value. It’s a must read for anybody who wants to better understand how to create positional advantage for brands and businesses."

Dr. Christopher Puto

Dean of the McDonough School of Business
- Georgetown University

"Every aspiring marketing student should read and understand this book. Every senior Marketing executive should have it as a desktop reference. It is simply that good!"

Terie Lucie Thompson

Chief Executive Officer
- Fizz Enterprises

"Filled with rich insights, clever templates, and compelling case studies, Whitler's book is as valuable for a CPG intern as it is for a veteran CMO. "Positioning for Advantage" is like a great teacher: it breaks the problem into manageable pieces, then provides clear steps and evidence to solve it."

Learn Essential Marketing Strategy Techniques

This book presents real-world scenarios, helping readers activate tools to increase skill in creating brands that achieve positional advantage.