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Harvard Business Review   |   FEBURARY 2023

Executive recruiters write lengthy job descriptions when filling C-suite roles. Candidates need to recognize that these are marketing documents, aimed at getting them excited about the job, and they aren’t necessarily accurate reflections of the responsibilities and performance measures they will encounter if they accept the position.

MIT Sloan Management Review   |   OCTOBER 2021

Why are brands risking market share and brand image erosion to weigh in on important but hot-button topics on which consumers, shareholders, and employees do not agree? Marketers have been told, “You must take a stand,” in reports, articles, and surveys. But what is driving this belief?

MIT Sloan Management Review   |   MAY 2021

Why is the average tenure of a C-suite executive a brief 5.3 years? And why do chief marketing and chief information officers last barely more than four years in the job, on average? The answer may lie between the lines of the job specifications shopped around by executive recruiters.

Harvard Business Review   |   MAY 2019

For decades, Western executives of multinational brands seeking to expand globally have operated under a simple premise: Marketing content and channel selection should be customized to local markets, but Western marketing principles are universal. Firms are particularly quick to export media and ad strategies to developing markets, where advertising and media are more recent developments.


Which firms have reputations for developing superior C-level marketing leaders? And which firms provide the best training that enables marketers to become CEOs? These are two common questions I get from marketers, executives, and students.

Harvard Business Review   |   JULY 2017

What can be done to end this dysfunctional pattern? Kimberly A. Whitler, a former CMO who’s now an assistant professor at the University of Virginia’s Darden School, and Neil Morgan, a marketing professor at Indiana University, have done extensive research into the problem. They believe that its main cause is faulty role design.

FORBES   |   AUGUST 2016

Which firms have the best reputation for developing marketers that can reach the C-level? What makes them better than their peers? And how do some of the “hot,” newer firms in tech stack up against some of the more mature firms?

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